EL PASO, Texas — A flag flaps in the breeze on a Sunday afternoon. It's a sign of grief and a moment of honor outside Sunset Funeral Home. It's lowered to half-staff for the victims of the El Paso massacre.

A shooter killed 20 people and injured another 26 at a Walmart near Cielo Vista Mall.

"Unfortunately, these are all innocent victims," funeral home manager Jose Amezcua said. "We always believed that it would never happen. We are in a safe city. We are still in shock"

But it didn't paralyze the heart of a local funeral home owner who's opening his doors to help the families whose loved ones died in the shooting.

"It's already going to be difficult enough to plan a funeral, and we are going to offer the funeral for the victims at no charge to the family," Amezcua said.

For 30 years, the funeral home has arraigned final goodbyes for families grieving the loss of their mother, father or children. This time they wish to bring comfort to a community reeling from their loss.

"We'll help the families out with the casket and if they do visitation, the funeral and if they decide the cremation. Free services is free services from our funeral home here. "

He said they will also help bring Mexican nationals who died home: A gesture without borders.


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