It's no secret that housing prices in Austin have sky-rocketed over the last two decades, forcing out some of those that have grown up here.

But Habitat for Humanity and the Austin Board of Realtors is working to change that with their "Blitz Build" project.

Tuesday, the two organizations started building the first house in what will eventually be a 67-home affordable housing community.

Over the next three weeks -- construction crews and volunteers will finish the home and hand the keys over to Laura Soto.

Soto grew up in Austin, and despite working as a medical assistant for the past thirteen years -- she couldn't afford a home.

"This is what we love to do. This is one of the best ways to help a family on a generational level to break the cycle of poverty," said Vice President of Client Services for Habitat for Humanity, Wayne Gerami.

By the time the community is finished, it will be the largest community land trust in the state of Texas.


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