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Saving lives while riding bikes: Austin motorcycle riders assist with car collision in Round Rock

A group of Austin riders helped save a couple of Round Rock crash victims just because they saw the wreck happen right in front of them.

ROUND ROCK, Texas — The Wind Therapy Freedom Riders love riding around town on their motorcycles, but also train to help crash victims, just in case. 

Recently, they witnessed a three-car crash, helped the victims and diverted traffic until first responders got to the scene. 

“We were able to step up, get those people safe, triage them. When EMS eventually got there, I was able to pass over information to them so that they could quickly what they needed to do," said Penni Fuller, a Wind Therapy Freedom Rider member and registered nurse. 

"I happen to find a group of people and we keep growing and growing. We're over 800 members strong now and it's the most amazing thing I've ever done," said Luis Rodriguez, Wind Therapy Freedom Riders president. “We also believe through our benevolent hearts that we give back to the community, not just the biker community, but the whole community in general.”

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They're a law enforcement and military support club, and are also involved in some anti-bullying campaigns. 

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“We have a law enforcement division, a military division, then our most popular’s our safety division," said Rodriguez. "Then, we also have our medical division. That’s where we train our own members and even the public on how to keep each other safe.”

According to the group's Facebook page, the Wind Therapy Freedom Riders are a Brother and Sisterhood. It’s a gathering of souls with the passion to ride the wind, share the miles, the laughter, the joy and the freedom.

The Facebook page states: "We support those first responders, law enforcement and military professionals, past & present, who dedicate their lives to protecting, defending, saving and serving this great nation!"

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The group offers free rider's training so people can learn how to safely ride motorcycles. If you're interested, you can contact them here.

WATCH: Austin bikers jump into action to help crash victims


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