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#LastMileChallenge: Austinite challenges people to start picking up trash

After noticing trash on the trail during a run, one Austin man decided he was going to do something about it. Now he's challenging people to follow in his footsteps.

AUSTIN, Texas — Dustin McInvale spent his Monday morning running three miles. Then, instead of heading straight home, he pulled out a trash bag and started walking. 

McInvale said he noticed trash along the trail during one of his runs a few days ago, so he decided to bring a trash bag the next time and the challenge was born. 

"I was picking up trash on the way, and the bag filled up really fast. And so it was just WTF, we can do a lot better than this," said McInvale. "So I just kept on collecting, and when I got home, I had an idea."

The idea is called the #LastMileChallenge. 

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McInvale brings a bag with him when he goes for a run. Then, while he walks the last mile to cool down, he pulls out the bag and picks up trash along the way.

After McInvale collects trash, he posts a picture with the hashtag on social media and challenges three other people. 

"With more people, more trash. And we can all complain. Go ahead, if you want to complain, you can spend your energy there. But go ahead and pick up some trash," McInvale said.

McInvale said it's an easy way to help out around the city. 

"Say you want to volunteer, but you don’t have time or you want to donate, but you don’t have money. You can do this," he said. "This is just one little part of community service you can do."

On Monday, McInvale challenged three more people, which included KVUE reporter Molly Oak and Austin Mayor Steve Adler. 


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