The City of San Antonio could crack down on pet owners who choose to chain up their dogs. Under current law, anyone can chain their dog, but they have to follow certain guidelines.

However, a law eliminating chains altogether could be on the way.

Animal Care Services has been hosting a series of public meetings discussing potential changes to current animal laws. ACS said that one of the biggest recommendations people would like to see is an end to the use of chains.

“There’s a lot of different bad stories in here that you can choose from,” said Shannon Sims, the assistant director for Animal Care Services as he showed KENS 5 a bucket of chains confiscated over time.

One of those bad stories not represented in that bucket of chains is the story of Ripley, a dog found with several collars embedded into her neck. An animal investigator said that it was likely caused by an improperly fitted collar combined with being tied up.

“Think if you had to carry this [chain] all day long, every day for the preponderance of your life. It makes for a miserable existence. The animals develop problems with their necks, their legs,” Sims noted.

The Texas Legislature is considering a bill that would ban the use of chains altogether.

“We see it fairly frequently, [a] couple of times a week,” Sims said.

KENS 5 captured the images, firsthand. Our cameras were rolling when we came across a handful of dogs chained up. It’s something that San Antonians have expressed to ACS as a practice that needs to go.

Sims said that if the state legislature doesn’t pass a bill banning chains, it’s possible that the city could pass a new ordinance, or update the old one.

Sims added that it would be ideal if San Antonio got rid of tethering altogether, but eliminating chains first might work best since some people can’t afford proper fencing.

ACS will be hosting one more public input meeting on May 16 at the Melendrez Community Center at 5909 West Commerce. The meeting will be from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.