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After city council moves forward on 'Domain on Riverside,' some in area weren't notified

The city council passed a rezoning resolution to move forward with a development on Thursday, but some living there still didn't know it was a possibility.

AUSTIN, Texas — The Domain on Riverside is what some have started to call a potential development that's sparking debate.

On, Thursday we saw people arrested for protesting, but on Friday others are learning about the development for the first time.

It came as a bit of a shock for Adam Pires. 

"I literally moved out here from L.A. to Austin three months ago," said Pires.

He just moved into the Town Lake Apartments because it was one of the few places he could afford.

"Probably, you know, from what I know of this area, there's a lot of college students most likely and they're probably in a fairly limited income like I am and I can see why they're a little pissed off," Pires added.

Some are so upset that they chanted and brought in signs to the beginning of Thursday's city council meeting.


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"I need for you guys to sit down. If you can't sit down ... I'm going to have to ask people to come in," said Mayor Adler. 

Five people were arrested from the protest Thursday morning. They're from a group called Defend Our Hoodz.

In a statement to KVUE, the group in part says: "WE ARE THE COMMUNITY AND WE AREN'T GOING AWAY. Our supporters are the people of Austin that keep getting sold out."

However, the city council still passed the rezoning that was presented to them, allowing the project to go forward.

"I just resigned my lease, starting this month – a 12-month lease," said Pires.

He understands it can be frustrating, but overall sees that this could be a good thing.

"So, I can definitely see their side of it, why they would be so pissed off," he said.
"But at the same time, if it's going to bring about something that's good for this area, then why not."

Seven others were also arrested later while protesting outside of city hall. APD said they were also disrupting a public meeting.


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