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Weighing the options between gas and electric vehicles

Experts say there are factors to consider.

AUSTIN, Texas — With higher gas prices, some drivers may be looking to go electric.

Whether looking to buy an electric or gas vehicle, AAA and Kelley Blue Book said there are some factors to consider.

According to AAA, the electricity required to drive 15,000 miles per year in a compact electric vehicle costs an average of $546, while the amount of gas required to drive the same distance costs $1,255.

"The pros of buying an electric car are you are not going to buy any gas. You are not going to go to gas station and fueling in that way," said Brian Moody with Kelley Blue Book.

He said while the cost to drive electric is cheaper, you will pay more for the actual vehicle.

"Especially when you are buying new, it is going to be expensive to purchase in the beginning. That's money when you spend it at the gas pump or not," said Moody.

When it comes to maintenance, according to AAA, electric vehicles cost $330 less than a gas-powered car – a total of $949 a year.

"It doesn't have transmission fluid, it's not the same, it won’t need oil changes. The parts are not as much in a gasoline-powered car," said Moody.

Whether going electric or gas-powered, AAA recommends visiting a dealership, test driving one and asking as many questions as possible to make an informed decision.


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