Equifax has agreed to a $700 million settlement after a massive data breach in 2017 that exposed the personal information of 147 million people.

Now, consumers can submit a claim for free credit monitoring or a $125 cash payment.

You can see if you’re impacted by visiting the Equifax Data Breach Settlement page.

All impacted consumers can get free credit monitoring for up to 10 years. The free credit monitoring gives you four years of free monitoring from Experian that covers the three major credit bureaus. After that, you can have up to six years of one-bureau monitoring from Equifax.

If you already have credit monitoring, you can choose a $125 cash option.

According to the settlement website, you can also get reimbursed up to $25 an hour for up to 20 hours you spent on cleaning up fraud related to the breach. The company will also reimburse up to $20,000 in losses if you can prove it was related to the breach.

You have until Jan. 22, 2020, to file a claim.

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