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Take This Job: A year in review 2019

KVUE's Daybreak Team has looked at a lot of different jobs throughout the year. Here are some of the Take This Job highlights from 2019.

AUSTIN, Texas — Throughout the year, KVUE has taken a look at a variety of different jobs to find out what it's like to work at them. Here are some of the highlights from the "Take This Job" series in 2019:

RELATED: Take This Job: Filling chocolate treats for Valentine’s Day at Lammes Candies

Just before Valentine's Day, KVUE reporters Yvonne Nava and Bryan Mays took the time to find out how sweet it would be to work at Lammes Candies

Bryan Teich, the company's co-owner, taught the two about how the company makes and packages Longhorns, a candy made from a mix of milk chocolate, pecans and caramel.

WATCH: Take This Job: Filling chocolate orders at Lammes Candies

RELATED: Take This Job: How advertisers make food look good on camera

Next up, Nava learned several of the secrets to making food look so appetizing in advertisements from a professional food stylist.

In July, Nava worked with Kristina Wolter, a professional food stylist, on a commercial shoot in Pflugerville for a magazine editorial. From metal pins to heat guns, a lot goes into making the food look pretty.

WATCH: RAW: Food staging burger for advertising

RELATED: Take This Job: Styling man's best friend as a dog groomer

In July, KVUE's Anavid Reyes found out if she has what it takes to style man's best friend as a dog groomer.

As it turns out, dog grooming is a lot harder than it looks. From puppy manicures to teeth cleaning, Reyes learned just what it takes to get your pup looking and feeling "paw-tastic."

WATCH: Take This Job: KVUE Daybreak takes on dog grooming

RELATED: Take This Job: House of Torment

Leading up to Halloween, Mays joined the cast of the terrifying House of Torment to provide a few holiday scares to visitors and the ladies from Team Daybreak. 

Mays found out all that goes into making Halloween the spookiest time of year at this scary event.

WATCH: What it's like to work at House of Torment, Austin's scariest haunted house

RELATED: Take This Job: Making apparel with Last Stand Hats

Mays found out how Last Stand Hats creates its custom hats, T-shirts and golf shirts.

Owner and founder of the store Mike Murphy worked with Mays to show him the process that happens when they receive an order.

WATCH: Take This Job: Last Stand Hats in Austin

RELATED: Take This Job: Get pooped-scooped and lawn-mowed with Plowz and Mowz

In November, Reyes got the chance to try her hand as a landscaper with the landscaping app Plowz and Mowz.

She worked with contractors from the app to do everything from picking up pet poop to riding a lawnmower to help create the perfect backyard landscape for their clients.

WATCH: Take This Job: Plowz and Mowz


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