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Take This Job: Get pooped-scooped and lawn-mowed with Plowz and Mowz

KVUE's Anavid Reyes tried her hand as a landscaper.

AUSTIN, Texas — Did you know there's an app that helps you get your lawn mowed and your dog's poop scooped all with a simple tap on your screen?

Say hello to Plowz and Mowz, an app-based company that offers all of these services and more.

KVUE's Anavid Reyes got to do just that as she tried her hand as a Plowz and Mowz landscaper.

Plowz and Mowz is made up of 7,000 landscapers nationwide, and all you have to do to get one out to service your lawn is download their app and select what you want.


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Contractors like Samuel Onwuka will then see if that request is in their work area and set their schedule.

Reyes was Onwuka's apprentice for the day, and on their agenda was mowing Kodiaks backyard kingdom and cleaning up his royal mess. Yes, that's right – his poop.

Credit: KVUE

After we cleaned all of that up, they made way for their next task: say hello to the riding lawnmower. Fun fact: compared to a push mower, this thing is a beauty and can mow a lawn in less than 15 minutes.

It was all hard work, but it got done and Kodiak was able to enjoy his Kingdom once again.

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