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Cooking up 'Woof Waffles' with The Original Dog Treat Truck Company

The Original Dog Treat Truck Company has three locations in Austin and is starting franchising opportunities.

AUSTIN, Texas — Food trucks and dog-friendly spaces are two things that make Austin a city that people love. Now there's a food truck that’s just for dogs, serving up perfect treats that will leave your dog’s mouth watering.

The Original Dog Treat Truck Company makes homemade fresh treats, known as "Woof Waffles," that may even be hard for humans to pass up! The company first opened in September 2020 and now has three locations across Austin.

“My intuition tells me that dogs appreciate the freshness because they always treat this like some precious, prized gift,” said Michael Ludden, founder of The Original Dog Treat Truck Company. “It's so fresh and the ingredients are high quality.”

We made Woof Waffles from scratch with Ludden. The waffles are organic, grain-free, gluten-free and vegan-friendly.

The base includes arrowroot, coconut flour, rolled oats, flaxseed and cinnamon. We added water and coconut oil, which is good for dogs' fur coats.

“Just take a lump and then put it in whichever mold you want and you're literally just going to press down,” Ludden instructed.

Credit: Bryce Newberry
Meet Lily, Woof Waffle taste-tester and delivery girl.

The mold-maker for the Woof Waffles has specific shapes, like tigers or cats. After a few minutes, the treats are ready.

So, what exactly does it take to Take This Job?

“You have to love dogs, No. 1. Can't be afraid to get your hands dirty, and you've got to like making things,” Ludden said.

Dogs visiting the food truck can also indulge in the NutriPooch Pouch, which is a mix of carrots, peas, green beans, corn and kidney beans. Those ingredients get blended up with beetroot and sweet potato powder.

“What I've learned doing this, more so than anything, is that most stuff that's good for dogs is good for us and vice versa,” Ludden said.

But there’s one job that none of us can take, and that’s Lily’s. The truck's resident four-legged employee has gone viral on TikTok and some people visit just to see her. She’s the star who helps make the deliveries.


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When a customer makes a purchase, Ludden bags up the Woof Waffles and Lily takes them from the truck to the line, where the customer can retrieve their order.

As a reward, Lily also gets a Woof Waffle.

Ludden said revenue has grown every month since the company opened in September 2020 and business gets extra busy on the weekends. The Austin-based company is now hiring workers and offers franchising opportunities as well.

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