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Take This Job: Making apparel with Last Stand Hats

Bryan Mays helped out with the custom hat company in Austin.

AUSTIN, Texas — A good hat is like a good pair of shoes – you find a style you like and you stick with it.

Last Stand Hats sold their first custom hat in early 2019 and the business has continued to grow. Owner and founder Mike Murphy comes up with the designs and handles the orders.

Murphy told KVUE he wants his company and its customers to be a family.

"I want to have a company that people can back and believe in," he said.

KVUE's Bryan Mays helped out with the custom hat company to see what it's like creating the hats.

The workflow

The process begins when the order is received. Last Stand Hats currently has dozens of different designs to choose from. 

Once the order is received, Mike goes to work pressing the patch right onto the hat. The process takes about 10 minutes from start to finish. 

The hat is then boxed up and shipped to the customer.


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The products

Last Stand Hats is also growing its list of items to include T-shirts and golf shirts. Many of the products sold are perfect for Texas Longhorns fans. The company sells hats and shirts that include Texas and, of course, the color burnt orange.

Credit: KVUE

You can browse Last Stand Hats products online, but Murphy hopes customers will be able to find his products in a variety of places.

"I'd like to eventually get into some stores and maybe have our own retail spot and then from there grow the brand even more," Murphy explained.

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