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Mixing a good vibe: Austin DJ shows how it's done

KVUE's Hannah Rucker experienced a day in the life of a local DJ who plays at venues in Downtown Austin.

AUSTIN, Texas — In a community known for its love of music of all kinds, some have been able to build a career around that passion. 

Drawn in by his love of the songs, the energy and the friendships, DJ Chow spent a lot of late nights experimenting on his turntable before his first show nearly 10 years back. Now he plays in venues all over Downtown Austin. 

"I love music. Every genre, you know, but really just having a good time with friends. All my best friends are DJs and music producers," DJ Chow said.

He said the hardest part is getting started, but once you get into a groove and gain confidence, it gets easier over time. 

"Get out there and show your face. Like, I feel like the more people you talk to and get seen in the scene [the better]," DJ Chow said. "If you want to be a DJ, go hang out with DJs."

For this Take This Job, DJ Chow showed KVUE's Hannah Rucker how to DJ. First, he taught her the importance of keeping the rhythm.

"Everything is split into nine-count sections," DJ Chow said.

He uses a technology that allows you to choose several songs at once, but it's the DJ's job to make sure the melodies get along and blend smoothly.

Most importantly, he said it's important to make sure the crowd is having a good time and feeling the vibe. 

"I like to look up after every song. I look up and analyze the crowd and, usually, I won't get too far into an idea or a theme without making sure people are dancing," DJ Chow said.

Click here to learn more about DJ Chow's music or to book him for a gig. 

Footage of DJ Chow courtesy of Hen's Bread Productions.

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