AUSTIN, Texas — Capital Metro gives 30 million rides a year. That comes down to about 96,000 a day and all that traffic means that the 368 CapMetro busses get quite a workout.

Keeping the CapMetro bus fleet clean and running smoothly is a big job. The staff services every single bus daily, which includes mopping the floors, washing the windshields, fueling the unit and checking the other engine fluids. 

The crews also wash the outside at least every other day. They have an automatic wash to help with this.

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Khalif Muhammad is the leader on the morning shift where they service between 20 to 30 busses on a daily basis. The remainder of the busses will be serviced by the night crew. 

Cap Metro's bus lot is located on East Fifth Street in East Austin. For more information about its service partners, go here.

WATCH: Here's what it takes to keep CapMetro buses running smoothly in Austin


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