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Rent increases in areas surrounding Austin

As home prices rise in Austin, so does the cost to rent.

AUSTIN, Texas — Sherl Powell, 68, had bags under her eyes from all the crying. She’s facing eviction for the third time. 

“I can’t even sleep at night because every time I hear something, I think they’re coming to, you know, get me out,” said Powell. 

Her pets are her only family. And as much as she loves them, they can’t support her. 

“I only get $974 from Social Security a month, that’s it,” she said.

That’s with the average price of rent being $1,400 in Leander for a one-bedroom apartment. That’s up 23% from last year, according to Zumper. Areas surrounding Austin, like Round Rock, went up 33%, and Cedar Park went up 27% for the cost of a one-bedroom apartment. Zumper's senior market analyst said the general increase in home prices plays a role. 

“When home prices rise, they tend to drag rents up with them. And that’s because as home prices rise, renters who are on the bubble of being able to buy, they get priced out,” said Jeff Andrews. 

And as more and more people are working in Austin, and with rent rising, more people go to surrounding areas. But even in surrounding areas like Leander, Powell could be facing homelessness. 

“What’s an old lady do, who doesn’t have any family? I don’t have anyone to help me,” she said.

If you are facing eviction, you can go onto this link for resources on how to cope. 


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