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Realtors weigh in on how housing could change in Taylor if Samsung builds manufacturing facility

The facility would bring as many as 1,800 long-term jobs. Taylor has retained its small-town feel over the past decade with slow but steady population growth.

TAYLOR, Texas — Last week, Taylor announced a development plan encouraging tech giant Samsung to build its new manufacturing facility just outside town. If Samsung chooses the small Texas town, the housing market would see near-immediate changes.

"It's had that small-town charm and not a whole lot of development in the area," Romeo Manzanilla, former president for Austin Board of Realtors, said.

Manzanilla lives in Williamson County, so he keeps an eye on the housing market across the area. According to recent U.S. Census Bureau data, the Williamson County population grew by about 44%. Taylor's population grew by just 7%. It's one reason why the people living there like it.

"The people who live here came here because it's a small town. It's a country town," Nanette Marino, who has only lived in Taylor a few years, said. 

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Marino's neighbor, Gina, grew up in and near Taylor. She agrees that the small-town feel is a big draw. However, both like the idea of Samsung building its new facility in the Austin suburb.

"That's a really great thing for the area because, as far as jobs in Taylor, there's not a whole lot of them. So it's a great opportunity for the growth of the community," Marino said.

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She added the one downside is her belief that if Samsung brings employees from Silicon Valley to manufacture semiconductors, they'll expect wages that they receive in California. Those wages, Marino believes, would go much farther in Texas towards homebuying and investment opportunities.

Manzanilla said Taylor is ripe for that growth.

"I think the commercial developers have committed to building, as well as the developers who have committed to building single-family homes in Taylor, are going to live up to that commitment. And we're going to see an influx of people moving now to Taylor," Manzanilla said.

Co-owner of Kifer-Sparks Agency Natalie Kifer echoed the same. Even though she's based in Austin, the Taylor-Hutto corridor could be the next boom.

"There were homes that were built in the 1930s and, you know, you don't always find communities like that anymore," Kifer said.

She expects the area to grow in population and reflect the growth seen across Central Texas.

"It's just different than some of these new areas popping up with these new builds, and everything is just brand new," Kifer said. "I think it's a little gem. So it would not, you know, surprise me if that becomes the next place to go."


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