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Elon Musk gives a tour of Texas SpaceX factory in new video

Musk gave Everyday Astronaut an over two-hour tour of the Starbase Facility in Boca Chica, where he is working on the Starship rocket.

TEXAS, USA — Elon Musk is giving the world a tour of the SpaceX Starbase Factory in Boca Chica through Everyday Astronaut, a space news platform.

Musk walked Tim Dodd, or Everyday Astronaut, through the facility for over two hours. In the first of three YouTube videos, Musk shows viewers numerous parts of the Starship Super Heavy Rocket.

“This is definitely a very exciting time because we are in kind of a final push to complete the launch system, Stage Zero, essentially,” Musk told Dodd.

Musk is preparing to launch the 230-feet tall Starship Super Heavy Rocket. During the tour, the tank for Super Heavy Booster 4, which SpaceX plans to use for Starship’s orbital flight launch, is standing loud and proud at Starbase.

Dodd also got a look at a grid fin that will be attached to the booster. Musk said he estimates it weighs three tons.

Throughout the tour, viewers can hear a wide variety of construction-related noises, including lots of beeping and banging.

Musk said in the video that he wants people to understand that rocket design is not the hardest part of the process. He said the most difficult hurdle is trying to manufacture each part in a cost-friendly way.

“Humanity will be a multi-planet species, if we get the cost per ton to orbit to a point where we can afford to become a space race civilization and a multiplanar species," Musk told Dodd. 

The engines and grid fins were installed on Super Heavy this week, according to Musk’s Twitter account.  

Musk lives in a $50,000 tiny house in Boca Chica near Starbase. His presence is well-known in Central Texas where he is building a Tesla “Gigafactory.” Neuralink and The Boring Company, two of Musk’s startups, have also posted job listings in the Austin area.


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