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Dripping Springs officials announce urban planning initiative to address growth

The comprehensive plan update comes as a moratorium on new development is set to expire.

DRIPPING SPRINGS, Texas — The City of Dripping Springs has launched an urban planning initiative aimed to address runaway growth in the region. In an advisory released Monday, city officials unveiled what they’re calling a comprehensive plan that is intended to “establish a framework for development” in the city. 

The last plan was approved in 2016. 

"Which is short for some comprehensive plans," said Bill Foulds, Dripping Springs mayor. "So, we're trying to reimagine the future and go out to 2045."

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The plan officially kicked off during the city’s Founders Day Festival where residents met the preliminary team involved in the plan. Mayor Foulds encourages the community to participate in the planning process.

"Everybody always tells us all the bad stuff," Foulds added. "We very rarely hear the good stuff. And yet, obviously, there are a lot of good things going on, but we need to hear both sides of it and see where we can improve." 

Officials hope the plan functions as a blueprint to determine priorities for land use and other major development projects in the area. The City has already hired an outside firm, DTJ Design, to help with the urban planning process.

The firm will be expected to help guide the plan’s language related to everything from real estate, infrastructure investments, economic development to zoning. The City recently adopted a “Transportation Master Plan” and a “Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan,” which will be incorporated into the forthcoming comprehensive plan.

“The City is at a crucial moment in development. This is our opportunity to look at previous and current development while looking to the future of the community when it comes to density, roads, business, and more,” said Planning Director Howard Koontz, adding that DTJ Design will also be expected to provide guidance on a number of other decisions, including:  

  • Natural and culture resource use
  • Housing
  • Mobility
  • Public services
  • Recreation

Koontz acknowledged the importance of maintaining the character of Dripping Springs while adapting to challenges brought on by population growth. 

“Now is the time to reimagine Dripping Springs, keeping the heritage of what makes our city so great, while also having a clear vision of future development and how can we best serve the community in its rapid growth,” he said. 

Citizens and business owners will be encouraged to sound off on the plan, to that end, the City is setting up a planning committee that will work alongside DTJ for the purpose of applying public feedback to the plan. 

Officials expect the timeline of this plan to last through this year and next. For residents with more questions, the City is encouraging them to email the Planning Department or call the City at 512-858-4725.


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