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City of Dripping Springs extends development moratorium yet again

The City of Dripping Springs approved another extension to its development moratorium as the area experiences rapid growth.

DRIPPING SPRINGS, Texas — The City of Dripping Springs voted to extend its development moratorium for another 120 days during a city council meeting on May 17, according to Community Impact.

The moratorium was originally set to be nine days and went into effect on Nov. 18. After the nine days, it was extended three more months and was set to end on Feb. 20. Another extension was set until mid-May, and now it's been extended through Sept. 18.

The City said it hopes the moratorium will give officials time to come up with a plan for responsible development and future planning as rapid growth has pushed the city to infrastructure limits, even reaching its wastewater capacity.

It is also in the process of updating its comprehensive plan and zoning ordinance to accommodate land-use regulation issues.

The moratorium affects permits for new development related to subdivision, site planning, development, land use and construction in the city limits and extraterritorial jurisdiction for both residential and commercial projects.

Dripping Springs Mayor Bill Foulds told KVUE back in November that the last comprehensive plan was done in 2016, and that since then, the City has nearly tripled in population.

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