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Closing for 'Nau': Beloved drug store puts a stopper on its soda fountain

Nau's Enfield Drug is an Austin staple of sorts. It's been around since the 1950s. Now, they had to temporarily shut down the soda shop until they get more workers.

AUSTIN, Texas — "It's a one of a kind," said one customer before he pulled out of the parking lot at Nau's Enfield Drug

The drug store, pharmacy and soda fountain found its home in Austin in 1951. Laura Labay, the manager, said her parents bought it in 1971.

"My parents actually met here and my dad started working here right after college," Labay said. 

She pointed to the seats where her mom used to sit and talk about the "cute pharmacist," who's also known as Labay's dad.

Labay said they recently decided to temporarily close the soda fountain. 

“The hardest thing right now is – with the economics of Austin right now – is trying to find help," Labay said, explaining they are struggling to find people to work at the soda shop. "Also, there’s a lot of competition in the neighborhood right now to do the same thing that we’re doing, and we’re not a full-size restaurant. But, at the same time, even though we’re small, we make everything with a lot of love.”

Nau's still looks like something right out of the '50s. When customers step in, it's as if they go back in time.

"Nothing like this exists, but we're going to keep it going as long as we can, we just have to get the right people in here," she said.

Labay said she isn't sure how long the soda fountain will be closed, but she said she is determined to reopen it.


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