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As Georgetown grows, the city is looking to retain its culture through art

The City of Georgetown is adding more and more public art around town.

GEORGETOWN, Texas — Georgetown is looking to embrace its role as one of the fastest-growing cities in the country while still holding onto its roots.

If you take a drive through Georgetown and its historic downtown, you might notice some things that are a little different. You'll see several sculptures along the streets – public art for anyone to enjoy.

"We want to enhance the quality of life of our local residents through arts and culture," said Amanda Stills, the Arts and Culture director for the City. "We want to engage our community through projects such as this."

If you take a look behind City Hall, there's even more art with the "preserving history" mural honoring Mary Smith Bailey. It's a City-commissioned mural to share a message about Georgetown's past.


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"One of the themes that emerged was preserving history during a time of rapid growth and change and embracing that change," Stills said. "Parallel that story with now, today, where we're one of the fastest-growing cities. We want to preserve our culture and our history but embrace the growth."

The portrait side is by artist Devon Clarkson, while the other side is by Norma Clark, an abstract artist in the community. She's depicting historic figures and using abstract shapes to show different historical themes. 

As for the sculptures, crews are working on putting in the last of them.

"Downtown has gotten so popular, it's a good place for them to bring their piece," a Parks and Recreation employee said.

"Our cities have become more interested in art than they used to be, especially outside public sculptures," local artist Cindy DeBold said.

Because while these art pieces may make the city look a little different, they're a sign of growth while preserving culture.

"Because that brings opportunities for our city," Stills said.

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