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Texas REALTORS creates 'What to Know: Property Taxes 101' campaign for Texans

In a recent survey conducted by Texas REALTORS, “reducing property taxes” was discovered to be in the top three biggest issues worrying Texans.

AUSTIN, Texas — Property taxes are an issue that impacts all Texas homeowners, yet understanding them can be difficult. 

Through Texas REALTORS' campaign, "What to Know: Property Taxes 101," the organization hopes to help homeowners understand important information regarding property taxes.

"What our association is doing is trying to reach people where they are and educate them through infographics and social media videos on our website that teaches people the very basics," said Jaime Lee, director of Advocacy Communications for Texas REALTORS. 

In 2019, Texas lawmakers passed property tax legislation that requires counties to create a website containing all the information about property tax rates for a property, in addition to proposed rates each year. 

For example, Travis County residents can go to travistaxes.org for property tax information.

Texas REALTORS explained that these websites will include: 

  • Viewing how proposed property tax rates directly affect their bill
  • Submitting comments to local officials and tax entities
  • See when and where a property owner's local taxing entities are holding public hearings to set tax rates.

"An important component for all Texans to know is that you absolutely have a voice in the process," Lee said.

The campaign by Texas REALTORS also involved creating a website that puts all county appraisal district websites into one easy-to-access place for homeowners across Texas.

"They can just visit knowyourtaxes.org, select your county, and you'll instantly get access to the information you need to determine your property tax bill," Lee added.

The organization recently conducted a survey that found “reducing property taxes” was one of the top three biggest issues worrying Texans. Economy and healthcare (including COVID-19) were also on that list.  


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