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Does It Work: Whirly Ball

Quita Culpepper put the Whirly Ball to the test.

AUSTIN, Texas — As a kid, it was always a blast to get a toy that was different and unique.

But adults can like toys, too!  And one product promises to appeal to grownups and kids alike.

Whirly Ball is a gravity-defying toy that hovers up to 15 feet above any surface. And there's no remote – you're the controller!

Whirly Ball is about the size of your hand. It's a plastic sphere that lights up, with propeller blades and balance bars. It also comes with a USB charger.

You charge Whirly Ball for 30 minutes ... but it only flies about eight minutes with a full charge.  


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It is kind of cool. Put your hand under the Whirly Ball, it goes up. But you can't really control what direction it'll go.

When you've had enough, grab it and turn it off.

Unfortunately, the Whirly Ball started having serious technical difficulties. The directions don't explain how to control which way it goes, so it was constantly bouncing off the ceiling, the floor and suddenly flying off.

At one point, it cracked. And then it didn't seem to fly up at all and plunged straight to the ground.

This product costs $10 – way too much for a ball of confusion that only worked for a few precious minutes.

Whirly Ball gets a thumbs down.

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