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Does It Work: Microwavable stainless steel bowls

Quita Culpepper puts steel microwavable bowls to the test.

AUSTIN, Texas — It's common to use a microwave to warm up your food.

But put some metals in there that reflects the radio waves, and it can get a lot hotter than you'd like.

One company says its stainless steel bowls will change the way you reheat your food.

Imperial Home Microwave Safe Bowls claim they can handle the heat. The company promises the bowls are microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe.

The bowls come four to a box, along with plastic lids. While the inside of the bowls are stainless steel, the outside appears to be coated with some sort of plastic.

The bowls aren't supposed to be used to actually cook something; they're for reheating and they can't be in the microwave for more than four minutes.


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We use the bowls to heat water, thick soup and edamame. No fires or explosions broke out, and the food actually got warm.

This product gets a thumbs up.

You can find Imperial Home Microwave Safe Bowls at Frys. A set of four costs about $20.


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