Defrosting food in the microwave can turn it into a rubbery mess, but one product claims it can defrost meat, fish and frozen food fast. D-Frost Wonder is put to the test in this Does It Work Wednesday.

D-Frost Wonder claims its plain aluminum tray can draw the cold out of any frozen food in minutes.

First test was an ice cube, which melted in about three minutes. The cube not on the tray was still frozen solid.

Second test: a steak. Two rib eyes were purchased with the same thickness and weight. One was placed on the D-Frost Wonder while the other was set on the table.

After 20 minutes, the steak on the D-Frost Wonder is fully thawed and ready to throw on the grill while the other steak is still mostly hard and cold to the touch.

D-Frost Wonder gets a thumbs up. It can be found at Fry's and costs about $15.

Tip: An aluminum pan at home could serve the same purpose as the D-Frost Wonder.