For many of us, coffee is something we can't do without, and one product claims it's the fast and portable way to make you the best coffee you've ever had.

AeroPress is put to the test in this Does It Work Wednesday.

This product says it'll be the best coffee maker you've ever owned, claiming to be fast, easy and delivering a delicious cup of joe.

The AeroPress kit comes with a few BPA-free pieces including a scoop, a plunger, and 350 little coffee filters.

To use: Put a filter into the cap and twist it onto the chamber. Stand the chamber on a sturdy then pour in a scoop of your favorite coffee, along with some hot water, then stir for 10 seconds.

Insert the plunger and press down for 20-60 seconds and you're done.

Unlike other coffee makers cleanup is a snap. Just put the used filter and grounds into the trash and rinse the AeroPress.

And the microfilter means no grounds get in your cup.

KVUE Executive Producer Andrew McKibbin and Investigative Producer Dalton Huey both tasted coffee from the AeroPress, and agreed the coffee tastes wonderful, the process is quick and cleanup is fast and easy.

AeroPress gets a big thumbs up.