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Does It Work: V-White Automatic Electric Toothbrush

The V-White Automatic Electric Toothbrush says it'll clean all your teeth at the same time, in just 30 seconds. But does it work?

AUSTIN, Texas — Ever feel like brushing your teeth with a traditional brush takes too long? And does it really do a good enough job?

The V-White Automatic Electric Toothbrush says it'll clean all your teeth at the same time, in just 30 seconds.

The rechargeable brush claims it'll fit around all your teeth perfectly. Along with blue, cold light teeth whitening, it promises you'll get the gleaming grin you've always wanted.

For KVUE reporter Mike Marut, a good-looking smile is a must. He takes good care of his mouth and can't wait to put this brush to the test.


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At Wellness Dental in northwest Austin, registered dental hygienist Carrie agrees to help out. First, she checks to see how dirty Mike's teeth are, using pink gooey stuff known as plaque indicator. He hadn't brushed that morning, so his teeth were stained pink even after he rinsed.

This automatic toothbrush is basically a mouth tray with soft nylon bristles on both sides that gently massage your teeth and gums.

First, wet the brush. Then spread a little bit of toothpaste in the mouth tray. The blue light will stay on while it's in your mouth for 30 seconds.


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Mike uses it and says while his mouth feels minty fresh, the tray didn't fit right and didn't get his very back teeth. Also, some of his pearly whites in the front are still pink, meaning they didn't get cleaned. The brush didn't scrub his tongue at all.

Mike thinks the automatic toothbrush is good, but could be much better.

"To get my teeth alone, not bad, but overall – thumb in the middle, just because you can still see some of the pink from plaque and tartar and stuff from not brushing this morning and using this instead."

You can find the V-White Automatic Electric Toothbrush on Amazon, it costs about $35. 


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