AUSTIN, Texas — If you wear makeup, you know how dirty brushes can get. You end up putting makeup, oil, dead skin cells and bacteria on your face – gross!

But cleaning brushes can be a pain, and they take hours to dry.

The Urban Butterfly Cordless Makeup Brush Cleaner puts a different spin on things. It promises to clean and dry your brushes in just 30 seconds!

The product comes with a battery-powered handle, rubber collars to slip brushes into, a handle attachment and a cute little bowl to wash brushes in.


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All you do is grab a brush and find a collar that fits, then attach it to the handle. Make sure it's on there tight, then dip the makeup brush up and down in soapy water. Let the brush whirl around in the water for 10 to 15 seconds. Then raise it above the water in the bowl and let it air dry for another 15 seconds.

We tried washing brushes of all shapes and sizes, with different size handles – and the makeup brush cleaner could handle them all! It was fast, easy and even fun.

Not only did the brushes look much better, they were clean and dry. When we rubbed them on a paper towel afterward, no water or makeup was left behind. 

The Urban Butterfly Cordless Makeup Brush Cleaner gets a thumbs up.

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