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Does It Work: Turbo Pump

Quita Culpepper puts the Turbo Pump to the test.

AUSTIN, Texas — The Turbo Pump wants to come to your rescue. The cordless transfer pump promises to move liquids from one place to another, fast and easy.

It's got "turbo syphon technology" that claims to pump to the last drop. It's also equipped with an auto-stop sensor that will stop the unit from transferring liquid once the container device is filled.

Turbo Pump is lightweight, pretty small and runs on three AA batteries.

We poured a gallon of blue water into a bucket to see how quickly Turbo Pump could siphon it back into its original jug.


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The directions say to put the intake nozzle into the filled container and the discharge nozzle where you want the liquid to go, clipping it to the side. 

For best results, keep the containers on the same level if you can. Then turn Turbo Pump on, and watch it go!

The company that makes Turbo Pump claims it takes just 20 seconds to siphon a gallon of water ... It actually took about 30 to drain all the water out of the bucket and back into the plastic jug.  

It's impressive how quick and easy it is to use Turbo Pump, although the auto-stop sensor only worked about half the time.

The pump worked very well, so this product gets a thumbs up.

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