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Does It Work: The Quirky Pawcet dog drinking fountain

Quita Culpepper puts the product to the test on Does It Work Wednesday.

AUSTIN, Texas — During these dog days of summer, it's imperative man's best friend drinks plenty of water, especially when they're outside.

But you know some dogs love to knock over their water bowls and then you've got one hot doggie.

One product promises to to keep your pet hydrated using paw power.

We put the Quirky Pawcet, a drinking fountain for dogs, to the test on Does It Work Wednesday.

This thing uses the power of the paw to hydrate your pet, so there's no batteries or refilling bowls – all your dog has to do is press Pawcet to get fresh water.

For this Does It Work we head to the Pflugerville Animal Shelter.

Rhonda is the director of Pflugerville's animal welfare services. She can't wait to give this a try.

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"I think for shelter dogs interactive toys are great," she said. "And they have to use their brain, which de-stresses the dog as well, so this could be a very cool thing to have."

The Pawcet screws onto any standard garden hose and has a lever to adjust water pressure. Press with your foot or your paw and water comes squirting out.

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Jonah is the first dog to put this product to the test. He's a happy, fun dog that really loves the water. 

Once the product is set up, Jonah has a whale of a time, splashing and drinking. We try to show him how to press Pawcet with his paw, but he's got other ideas. He knows the water is in there, and he's getting it out his way. And doggone it, we're all getting soaked in the process. Good boy!

The next dog to give this product a try is Mika. She's full of energy and very curious about the Pawcet.

We show her how it sprays and, after a few minutes, Mika starts to get the hang of it. What a smart girl!

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Next up is adorable black-and-white Britt. She's got floppy ears, a waggy tail and no interest in the Pawcet at all. She ignores it completely and prefers to go in the doggy pool.

So what's the verdict?

"Once a dog has done it and seen it enough times, they're going to learn quickly," Rhonda said. "I can definitely see dogs once they've figured it out, it being a big entertainment for them."

Two out of three dogs tested loved this thing, so the Quirky Pawcet gets a thumbs up.


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