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Does It Work: The O2COOL grip-on beverage holder

Quita Qulpepper puts the product to the test.

AUSTIN, Texas — Sometimes you just need more room to put your beverage.

Now one product promises to give you a hand and a place to hold your drink.

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We put the O2COOL beverage and wine glass clip to the test on Does It Work Wednesday.

O2COOL's beverage and wine glass clip says it'll keep your drink within easy reach and from spilling, whether you're at the beach or sitting at your desk.

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Sarah is KVUE's executive producer of digital content, and she's intrigued by what the product has to offer.

It's looks like a massive paper clip that you fasten it to the edge or a table, desk or chair arm. Then slip you your beverage right in.

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The O2COOL fits perfectly on Sarah's desk and the arm of her chair, and has no problem holding her water bottle, a large bottle of ginger ale and more beverages.

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She gives it a thumbs up.


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