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Does It Work: The HD Mirror Cam rearview mirror dash cam

It said it was ready to work right out of the box – that did not go well.

AUSTIN, Texas — If you drive, you've seen accidents, or red light runners – maybe even had a grocery cart hit your car. Wouldn't you love to have a way to record what happened and protect yourself?

One product claims it can turn your rearview mirror into a dash cam instantly.

KVUE put the HD Mirror Cam to the test in Does It Work Wednesday.

With a rotating camera, and night vision, it's ready to record instantly. It even comes with an SD card.

The HD Mirror Cam looks like a rearview mirror. It installs in seconds – plug it into your car power outlet and slip it securely it over the car's rearview mirror.

When you start your car, the HD Mirror Cam automatically turns on. The camera rotates 360 degrees so you can turn it to see yourself, the back seat and in front.

I'm trying to access the product's menu to look at night vision and other things, but my mirror cam freaks out and freezes up and I'm getting hot under the collar.

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I call HD Mirror Cam central. The helpful telephone man has me press the reset button, then I have to let the battery charge for a couple of hours – so you can't use it right away.

Soon I'm ready to I try again. This time it works just fine.

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I adjust for daytime, the volume and more, then it's time to go.

The Mirror Cam records in five-, 10- or 15-minute increments. I give it a try for a while and KVUE photographer Scott also uses it while he’s out and about during the day and at night. The quality is OK but it's not HD.

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While it's easy to find and play clips back, this product still has some problems. It promised me an SD card, but wait, in tiny little letters inside: there's no SD card included.

It said it was ready to work right out of the box – that did not go well.

HD Mirror Cam gets a thumb in the middle.


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