AUSTIN, Texas — So you want a cellphone mount in your car, but the ones with the suction cups always let go and the vent mounts never stay put.

Now one product promises to have the strong grip that keeps your device in place.

We put Fast Ball Magnetic Ball and Socket Phone Mount to the test on Does It Work Wednesday.

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The Fast Ball Magnetic Car Cell Phone Mount says it's just what you need – fast on, fast off, stick it on your dash and stop letting your phone take the fall.

This test should be easy peasy.

Fast Ball is a ball and socket. Did I mention they're magnetic? It also comes with some extra sticky tape.

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The directions say peel off the protective film and stick the phone socket on the back of your phone. Do the same for the ball mount and put it where you want it on the dash.

But the directions say you can't use it yet. The adhesive has to cure properly – now we wait 24 hours.

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After 24 hours it's pretty secure. I can move it around if I want to.

With a little ride Fast Ball keeps the phone securely in place, even when the car jolts over traffic calmers the size of a small hill.

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This isn't bad at all. For some drivers, this thing may actually come in handy.

It stayed put, it was out of the way. This product hit a home run. Fast Ball get a thumbs up.


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