It's summer in Texas, and a lot of people probably aren't interested in wearing pantyhose to hide freckles, veins or faint scars on their legs.

Now one product, Sally Hansen Airbrushed Legs Lotion, promises to give you smooth, perfect looking legs in an instant.

For this Does It Work, KVUE's 10 p.m. producer Brianna Perry volunteered her lovely legs for the cause. She said she wanted to hide freckles and bruises she gets from running. But she had her doubts about the product.

"I don't think it's going to look seamless, " she said.

The lotion comes in four colors. Brianna chose "Light" because it's closest to her skin tone. The directions explained to use a quarter-sized dab of the product.

"That's real dark," she laughed squeezing the lotion into her hand.

Further along, the directions prompted her to spread it evenly onto both legs and feet, and to spread some sparingly onto the knees and ankles.

After application, Brianna's airbrushed leg looked very smooth and tan.

"Whoa! That's a pretty huge difference right off the bat," she exclaimed. "The one with the fake tan does look much smoother, it's giving me a little bit of an airbrushed effect."

Brianna was a pretty big fan of her new looking leg, but she was still curious about what some of the other women in the newsroom would think.

One woman said it looked like she was wearing stockings, and another said all of the blemishes on her leg weren't visible anymore.

The lotion also claims to be water resistant. So some people splashed Brianna's leg with water and dabbed her dry with white tissue paper.
Sally Hansen passed with flying colors.

"I can't see anything rubbing off," Brianna said.

Brianna claims she's impressed with this product.

"It came off with soap and water when I washed my hands but not with just water," she said. "And it definitely makes it look really even, and the fact that it comes in a couple of other different skin tones, that kind of gives it a wide range for any woman to use."

Brianna gave Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs lotion a thumbs up.

You can find Airbrush Legs at Walgreens. It costs about $12.