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Does It Work: Puck

Quita Culpepper puts Puck to the test in this Does It Work.

If you have a TV, DVD player or tuner, you may have a bunch of remote controls to deal with.

One product promises to let you control things like the cable box, soundbar –  even the heater – with your phone.

The Puck lets you have all your remotes in one place with your phone acting as a smart universal remote.

You get two Pucks in a kit. The small round discs work with an app you download on your phone. You can use Puck to control all kinds of devices.

Use Bluetooth to connect your phone to the Puck and choose the device you want to control. Puck will also have you choose a specific code for the device.


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When it's connected, move the Puck in front of the TV to find the infrared or IR receiver.

Once you do, you're in business. Puck does everything the remote does.

But here's the problem: the connection between Puck and the phone keeps going down.  And if you want to control different devices in one room and the Puck isn't in a direct line of sight to all the IR receivers, it won't work. 

So either you keep moving the Puck around ... or buy more Pucks.

This product gets a thumb in the middle.

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