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Does It Work: Nostalgia Grilled Cheese Toaster

The toaster promises the hot and melty sandwich you love – with no mess! But does it work?

AUSTIN, Texas — Everybody loves grilled cheese sandwiches, right?

Nostalgia's Grilled Cheese Toaster wants to make you feel warm and gooey inside by creating the perfect hot and melty sandwich – with no mess!

But does it work?

We tested the cheery yellow machine, which makes two sandwiches at a time and has preheat and defrost buttons.

Directions say to first preheat the toaster. While that's happening, you can prepare your delicious sandwiches.

Slip them into the baskets. Then it's time to go to the melt zone.


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After a few minutes, the sandwiches were done – but they looked ... underwhelming. So we toasted them again!

After a second round, they still weren't as toasted as the ones on the box.

Third time's a charm? Kind of. The bread was crispy but, after three toastings, it still wasn't an ideal brown.

And the toaster was a mess! Melted cheese and crumbs everywhere.

This product gets a thumb in the middle.

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