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Does It Work: Noonchi Chair Workout

Quita Culpepper put the product to the test with a little help from KVUE's assistant news director.

AUSTIN, Texas — The Noonchi Chair Workout wants to help you get fit while you sit!

It claims it will help you get the bangin' bod you want while you're stuck in the office.

Andrew McKibbin, KVUE's assistant news director, couldn't wait to turn his office chair into a workout chair.

Noonchi comes with two sets of resistance bands, five pounds and 20 pounds. They can be attached to various parts of the Noonchi to provide different kinds of workouts.

It took a few minutes to get Noonchi clipped and anchored to the chair, but then it was time to start working on Andrew's fitness.


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He started with the 20-pound bands, working his biceps, triceps and chest.

"I'm feeling it a little here, my arms are shaking a little bit," he said. "The triceps and biceps definitely get it going." 

Noonchi also lets you work your legs.

At the end of the workout, Andrew said, "For the venue here, my office, I think this is a really handy tool, you know? It's not my preferred method of working out but if it comes down to working out versus not working out, got to give it a thumbs up."

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