Balloons always make a shindig look special, but one blow up product promises to have your guests give your celebration glowing reviews.

Illoom LED balloons come in a variety of colors. Each balloon has a single LED, powered by two batteries, and are supposed to glow for 15 hours.

The directions are simple: Pull out a strip and the balloons will activate. Each balloon comes with a “belly band” to give you the correct inflation diameter.

KVUE’s intern Konner volunteered to help make sure the balloon company’s claims aren’t full of hot air.

The balloons don’t show up well in daylight or indoor lighting, but they glow in the dark. Sometimes the balloons will go dark, but will light back up if you shake them.

“There were a couple of defects, like the lights kept turning off, they weren’t as bright as I thought they would be,” Konner said. “I’m going to give them a middle thumb.”

Illooms are available in packs of 5 for $15 at Walgreens.