AUSTIN, Texas — If you enjoy cooking, you may like to use plenty of garlic. But peeling, chopping and mincing the delicious seasoning can be a chore.

One item promises to make that easier – and even store the prepared garlic for you!

Garlic-A-Peel by Kitchen Innovations says it's the best way to help you liven up your meal with a little garlic. It promises to skin, slice, dice and even grate the smelly bulb. Plus, it claims to also be great to use on ginger!


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A small peeler is stored in the base, and the Garlic-A-Peel also has two different blades.

The clear container catches the sliced and diced garlic and also serves as a storage drawer.

The textured bottom of the container is a grating board to help create the perfect pureed garlic.

Garlic-A-Peel is also dishwasher safe.

Quita gives it a thumbs up!

WATCH: Does It Work: Garlic-A-Peel


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