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Does It Work: Coravin

Quita Culpepper put Coravin to the test for this Does It Work.

Coravin claims it can let you enjoy a glass of wine without pulling the cork so you can drink one glass and the bottle will last as long as you'd like.

Peggy Hanley is the executive director of the Wine and Food Foundation of Texas, and she couldn't wait to put this wine preservation system to the test.  

Coravin comes with two capsules filled with argon gas which is supposed to help preserve and protect the flavor of the wine, an extra needle and a bottle sleeve just in case it shatters or explodes.


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First, you position Coravin's needle over the cork. You don't even have to remove the foil.

Push the needle slowly through the cork. 

Give the trigger a quick press to pressurize the bottle, then release it to pour wine into your glass.

When we took it off the bottle, you could barely see where the needle went in.

And the best news is: the cork naturally reseals itself -- so no leakage!

But how long can the wine actually last? We decided to taste some bottles that had been "Coravined" about four months ago.

If these bottles had been uncorked, normally at this point, they'd taste like death. But Coravin kept them fresh, fruity and delicious!

Hanley gave Coravin a big thumb up.

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