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Does It Work Wednesday - Booty Pop

On this Does It Work Wednesday, we test a product that's supposed to give women curves where they want it the most.

It s called the Booty Pop, and this perky product promises to give you what your mama didn't.The commercial says it will give women a fabulous figure; J-Lo like curves without lifting a finger.

The secret: strategically placed pads inside the panties.

Julie and Angela are not bummed with what they've got, but they are curious to see how much pop they could put into their lives.After taking a closer look, the girls were ready to get this Does It Work poppin'.

It looks like a giant adult diaper! Julie yelled from inside the dressing room.

Oh Lord, this is not natural, adds Angela.

The ladies take a look at their new derrieres in the mirror, and while they say it did add some definition, the pads were not very comfortable, and did not seem to fit well.

I think it does make my booty pop, so mission accomplished there, said Angela.

It actually feels like you have half a roll of toilet paper shoved into your...that's what it kind of feels like!

The bottom line is, both ladies give this Does It Work a thumb in the middle.

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