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BUY IT HERE: $30 Off 2018 Taylor Made Golf Bundle + Free Shipping

Golf season is in full swing and despite my ability to start today's saving round-up with a sub-par pun, there is a great deal in our region!

If you are shopping for a dad, grad or you're a golfer yourself, a top bundle that just went online is my favorite bargain today. The golfer's dream bargain features the Birdicorn, a 6-in-1 golf multi-tool, a dozen Taylor Made Burner Golf Balls, and 20 performance tees at one very accessible price.

My favorite part of the bundle is the multi-tool. The Original Birdicorn divot tool is used for fixing pitch marks, it can be used to hold your ball marker (with two magnets), draw a line on your ball, rest your club, aim your putts, clean grooves and it can even open bottles.

In the same bundle you'll find the Champ Zarma FLYtee which is my dad's favorite component of the bundle (he tested this with me). This performance tee can easily increase your distance and accuracy from tee to green. The tee is very durable with a 6-prong head, making it easier to place the ball on the tee and keep it stable. The Taylor Made golf balls sweeten the deal and the sales price today is an easy hole-in-one.

Click the play button to see what I unboxed.

Features include:

- 20 tees

- 12 Taylor Made Burner Golf Balls

- Champ Zarma FLYTee increases accuracy and distance

- Birdicorn Multi-Tool: divot tool, ball mark holder, ball line stencil, putt alignment aid, bottle opener, and groove cleaner all in one!

$30 Off 2018 Taylor Made Golf Bundle + Free Shipping

Was: $69.99

Now: $39.99


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