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BUY IT HERE: $100 Off Mozzie Auto-Balancing Bluetooth Hoverboard + Free Delivery

A great deal on two wheels just dropped to Black Friday prices. Perfectly timed with the start of summer, today's price drop makes one of the most souped-up self-balancing hoverboards a complete steal today.

The Mozzie hoverboard is widely considered to be the best and safest hoverboard on the market. The rugged 8-inch wheels worked perfectly on the roughest roads we could find. Most importantly, from the top-rated safety breaks to the safest battery technology, the Mozzie is in a class of its own.

Unlike those conventional lithium ion batteries causing all sorts of problems in hoverboards five years ago, the Mozzie uses the SafeEDGE battery which re-charges without overheating.

The Mozzie has built-in Bluetooth speakers so you can stream your tunes from your smartphone while you ride and LED lights that sync to the music. With the Mozzie hoverboard app, you can adjust the balance for a beginner or expert, fine-tune the speed and even change the color of the front and back LED lights.

Click the play button to see my hoverboard ride on a pothole-ridden road!

- Price today is $50 cheaper than Cyber Monday and $10 less than Black Friday
- Achieves an average speed of 8 mph and reached up to 10 mph in our tests
- Powerful built-in Bluetooth speakers can stream music while you ride
- LED headlights and tail lights sync to your tunes
- Smartphone app allows you to customize the color of the hoverboard LED's
- Extremely easy to ride with auto-balancing functionality
- Superbly responsive breaking systems
- Drives up to 10 miles on one charge
- Safest battery on the market recharges in 1.5 - 2 hours
- 8-inch tires with TrueRide stability make this perfect for all road surfaces

$100 Off Mozzie Auto-Balancing Bluetooth Hoverboard + Free Delivery
Was: $349.99
Now: $249.99


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