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I always feel awkward typing "MLK Jr." and "deals" or "sales" in the same sentence. It's the same hesitance I experience when there are Memorial Day sales and I have to shift focus from the true and important meaning of the occasion to shopping. At the end of the day though, as tacky as commercialism and consumerism can get, my job is to save you money and long weekends are a prime time.

Why do we see so many deals on Martin Luther King Jr. Day? It all comes down to timing. As far as retailers are concerned — and despite what the weather may suggest — winter is almost over. Boots, coats and other crucial pieces of weather gear that were on sale in December enter their clearance phase during this long weekend.

After this long weekend, stores prepare for Valentine's Day sales, and then it's DIY deals for the spring home improvement season.

Before we get to the big deals, what purchases should you avoid? Weighted blankets, luxury pillows, cookware and spa-related items are much better deals as we approach Valentine's Day and I'll have those deals for you very soon.

Here are the 10 best deals for this holiday weekend:

10. $100 - $150 off new MacBook Airs with free shipping

9. Up to 40 percent off Sorel boots, shoes and winter wear with free shipping

8. Up to 70 percent off Michael Kors purses, totes and handbags

7. Up to 60 percent off North Face outerwear for men and women 

6. Up to 30 percent off Samsung, LG and Whirlpool appliances with free delivery

5. 40 percent off everything at The Gap **Use coupon code COOL

4. Up to 50 percent off snow removal gear at 

3. 50 percent off Wi-Fi boosters and range extenders with free shipping

2. 30-50 percent off Ugg and Ugg boots with free shipping

1. Up to 70 percent off furniture, design and home trends sale at

***Don't forget to check LOCAL furniture and mattress stores. Many of them have the best deals and better discounts than


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