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BUY IT NOW: $360 off 12.3-inch Microsoft Surface Pro touch screen 128GB with keyboard and free shipping

Did you wait until after Black Friday or Cyber Monday to buy a tablet or laptop? You can still save money with this deal I found today.

Laptop or tablet? That's the most common question I hear theses day when it comes to computing. In the almost two decades that I've been reviewing tech, I always flag the Microsoft Surface as the one product line that effectively bridges the gap between tablet and laptop. Today, the Surface Pro is at its lowest price.

What about the iPad Pro? The iPad Pro is great but it will cost you a lot more money today. It also runs iOS, which means it might not be compatible with computers and systems at schools and workplaces. The Surface Pro runs Windows.

Without focusing too heavily on the tech specs, while the iPad was the first tablet capable of catering to the masses, the Microsoft Surface was the first tablet capable of actually replacing a laptop. While the iPad Pro came late to the game to go head-to-head against the Surface, the deal I found is half the price of an iPad Pro.

In terms of durability, I've done all sorts of smash and stress tests on the Microsoft Surface Pro and it performed the best.

Microsoft Surface Pro features Include:

  • 10 hours of battery life or longer depending on use
  • Stunning 12.3-inch display (larger than the display on a MacBook!)
  • Rear- and front-facing HD Cameras
  • Dual core Intel processor
  • Microphone and stereo speakers with Dolby Audio
  • 128 GB of fast solid state storage
  • Way more ports than an iPad
  • Built-in stand
  • Top holiday pricing today

BUY IT NOW: $360 off 12.3-inch Microsoft Surface Pro touch screen 128GB with keyboard and free shipping
Was: $959.00
Now: $599.00


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