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Ukrainian company's chief technology officer thanks Elon Musk for helping Ukraine

SoftServe's Alex Chubay is grateful for the billionaire's satellites that are connecting Ukraine to the internet.

AUSTIN, Texas — Alex Chubay is worried about the war at home. His parents remain in Ukraine as well as many of his SoftServe colleagues. 

He said there are thousands of them still in Ukraine and in surrounding European cities. He said they are safe and still working. Many, however, had to escape their homes when Russian troops invaded his country in February. 

While SoftServe has its U.S. headquarters in Austin, the software development company was founded in Ukraine. 

KVUE profiled the company's efforts to help Ukraine with an April 8 fundraiser, but Chubay wanted to thank one man who has already helped his country so much.

"So Elon Musk delivered Starlink equipment to Ukraine, and as far as I know, it has been activated and it operates and it brings tremendous value, especially in those areas without stable internet connections. So big kudos to him to the Starlink team on behalf of all companies and all Ukraine. I wanted to thank him for this great contribution that he made to, you know, empower our resistance ... for our freedom. So big thanks to him," Chubay said.

Chubay said thanks to those satellites, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have access to the internet.

"Areas where we may not rely on these channels anymore because, you know, our enemies, like ... disconnecting us, like, on purpose, disconnecting these regions ... you know, they can use this disconnection for various purposes to run their own propaganda through their channels. And ... you're kind of like in the... informational vacuum that you are sitting, right? So that equipment allows us to establish the alternative channels to reach out to our people and to let them know ... it's not what you know, you are being told that is true by our enemies. But there is an alternative thing that happens right now and ... don't worry, we will be back," Chubay said.


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