Five students in Austin are ready to change the world.

Matthew Castillo, Solomon Starkes, Oasis Hill, Hunter Douglas, and Kamsi Onyeneke are future leaders. They're a part of a student group called Changing Expectations; it focuses on higher education for minorities in the science and technology field.

The group's passion led to an opportunity to attend a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math or STEM Conference at the White House.

“It was something that I'll never forget,” Castillo said.

The conference, attended by several industry leaders in technology, addresses the significant opportunity gaps in STEM for young women and men of color.

Aliyah Hinckson is glad her 8-year-old son Hunter is a part of this group.

“He feels that the sky is the limit and that's the importance of him having access to these sorts of opportunities it really just impresses upon him I belong anywhere I want to be,” Hinckson said.

A world of opportunities awaits these young men and they hope what they're doing will have an impact.

For more information on Changing Expectation, go here.