Austin City Hall was the starting point for World Remembrance Day.

It's a time that tugs at Kathy Sokolic's heart. She lit her candle for her nine-year-old nephew Ben Sears. Sears was hit by a driver in the Mueller neighborhood while he was trying to cross the street to get to his house back in September.

"He suffered multiple injuries, he was in a coma for several weeks,and now he's trying to recover from a traumatic brain injury, that had left him unable to eat, speak, walk," Sokolic said.

What happened to Sears, some feel is a big problem. It's why Vision Zero ATX along with other organizations held a memorial walk and candlelight vigil for World Remembrance Day. WRD, as some refer to it, recognizes all those affected by traffic crashes.

In Austin, deaths rose from 63 in 2014 to 102 last 2015. Heyden Black Walker, with Vision Zero ATX, hopes the $720 mobility bond will fix some of the problems.

"The mobility bond had $15 million dollars specifically for Vision Zero, but it also had money for sidewalks, and protected bike lanes which give people safer places to walk, bicycle away from traffic," Black-Walker said.

The 29-year-old driver who hit Sears stayed at the scene and was not cited for any traffic violation. For Sokolic she hopes what her family is going through will be a turning point to change the way we view the roads.