AUSTIN, Texas — Everyone's been talking about the match-up between the New Orleans Saints and the Philadelphia Eagles scheduled for Sunday -- especially in Austin because Westlake High School produced both quarterbacks, Drew Brees and Nick Foles.

If you take a step inside the Juiceland at Westlake, you'll see a jar filled with receipts. It's part of a raffle the store is having.

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For every $5 you spend, you can write the name of whichever quarterback you think will win on your receipt and place it in the jar.

Juiceland will draw out a receipt and if the person wrote the winning QB, they'll get half price Juiceland for an entire year, valid at any Juiceland location.

If they wrote down the losing QB, Juiceland will draw again until they get a winning receipt.

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"It gets 'em really into it, you know, something on the line whenever they're coming in, you know. Gives them something to look forward to," Juiceland employee Alan Alonso said. "And we're just trying to get the Westlake community excited and proud of what the outcome has been."

Juiceland will draw the winner right after Sunday's game. Check their Twitter to find out who wins!


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