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Moments of zen: Peace in Austin amidst the coronavirus pandemic

Moments of zen: it's nature captured by KVUE employees to promote relaxation during self-isolation.

AUSTIN, Texas — The world is experiencing a stressful time right now due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

It remains important to find ways to cope with stress and anxiety while maintaining social-distancing and quarantining.

So, KVUE has compiled some "moments of zen" to help you de-stress and relax.

First up, we have some soothing rainfall. If that's something helps you calm down, give it a listen, close your eyes and take some deep breaths.

And there's nothing calmer than a beautiful sunset.

Next, a KVUE photographer put together this video montage of the sights and sounds of different animals in a tree. You can hear the birds chriping, the leaves blowing and more.

Back to soothing water sounds. The next two video shows water rushing over the edge of a creek bed.

Relax and enjoy the view and sounds of this creek.

Here's another video of some soothing rainfall.

Wind chimes swaying in the breeze is another small thing that can help to relax your mind.

Listen to the motion of the lakeside water, ducks quacking and birds chirping.

Or simply watch some waves.

This pink moon might be able to help you get some rest!

Here's a look at some happy times at Sweet Berry Farms in Marble Falls.

Take a trip to a Texas Hill Country winery to reminisce on your favorite times.

Are you missing going to the lake? KVUE is too. Here's a peaceful view of Lady Bird Lake.

KVUE will continue to add more moments of zen to this story as we all get through this time of social distancing together.

CDC recommendations for coping during stressful situations:

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